Autographed Margaret Sanger Autobiography

The Friends of The Seattle Public Library often receive interesting and/or rare donations. Recently someone donated “My Fight for Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger – an autographed copy, complete with her secretary’s business card! Sanger was an early advocate for family planning.

In this 1931 autobiography she writes, “Early in the year 1912, I came to a realization that my work as a nurse and my activities in social service were useless to relieve the misery I saw all about me. Were it possible for me to depict the revolting conditions existing in the homes of some of the women I attended in that one year, one would find it hard to believe.”

“I resolved that American women should have knowledge of contraception. I would strike out — I would scream from the housetops. I would tell the world what was going on in the lives of these poor women. I would be heard. No matter what it should cost, I would be heard.” Her legacy certainly lives on today, albeit in uncertain times.

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Friends Recommend


Seattle Reads 2017Carmen finished The Turner House by Angela Flournoy, and describes it as “poignant, full of riveting family relationships, and having a strong sense of place.”

The book is also this year’s pick for Seattle Reads, and the author will be coming to Seattle! Join The Friends of the Seattle Public Library Board in reading this compelling novel.

Friends’ Impact

Since 1941 The Friends of The Seattle Public Library has been instrumental in providing books to dozens of organizations throughout the city, providing more than 8,000 books last year. The Friends has partnered with the library to donate books to 36 underserved community groups in support of The Seattle Public Library.

Below are different community partners touched by The Friends last year, one book at a time.

Boys & Girls Club

Tent City 3

Denise Louie Head Start

Olympic Hills Kindergarten

Olympic Hills Jump Start Program

Olympic Hills Headstart

Olympic Hills Summer School

North Helpline

North Helpline Foodbank

Seattle Parks Department

YouthCare Youth Build Program

Family Works Service Center

Family Works Food Bank

Cascade Center

Jackson Park Village

Youth Tutoring Program

Mary’s Place

West Seattle Food Bank

Urban Rest Stop Clinic

University District Food Bank

Kline Galland

North Seattle Family Center/WIC

Seattle/King County Health Clinic

University Family YMCA


Neighborcare Health

John Rogers Jump Start Program

Lake City WIC

Little Brook Park lunch program

Low Income Housing Institute

Yesler Community Center

Hunger Intervention Program

Reach Out and Read program at UW Pediatric Care


You know what February 14th is? #BookGivingDay!

The Friends of the Seattle Public Library Board is all stocked up for #BookGivingDay! At our meeting this morning, each Board Member got to choose a book to give away or leave at a favorite location in honor of International Book Giving Day, February 14th. Will you join us?



The FriendShop also has 50 free books to give to patrons who want to participate starting tomorrow! Stop by the Central Library to participate.